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After Programistok 2018


The time has come to drop a few lines about Promgramistok 2018. This time I didn't give a presentation. Instead, together with my colleague Rafał Maciąg I conducted workshops "Recipe for DDD, BDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing".

About conference

In general I can speak only in superlatives. I'll start by saying that the communication with organizers was simply perfect - I got answer for all my questions almost at no time. We were accommodated in the superb hotel on the market in Białystok. The before party was simply great (old school games, beer and not only, pizza, great people). I almost got touched while I was able to play Pegasus the first time since my childhood. We also didn't have to worry about transport - Do you need a transport to the train station? No problem. Do you need transport to the After Party? No problem... Last but not least the gift bag was delicious ;) I really regret that after workshops I had to go back to Warsaw and I didn't participate in the rest conference.

About workshops

As to the workshops. Despite some technical problems I'm happy with them. What is the most important participants were very active, had questions etc. Thanks! I talked with a few of them during the After Party and it looks like it was ok. Though I'm still waiting for surveys ;)

Our workshops consisted of 3 parts: some theory, Event Storming session and some programming. The first 2 parts went without any obstacles. Well except one minor one. I was asked by organizers what we would need. I told that sticky notes and markers. Unfortunately, this information was lost somewhere so it's good that we took our own equipment. After the first 2 parts we planned to make some coding exercises. To make everything smooth we prepared the sample project and description of tasks.  In the case of problems with Internet we also prepared a zip file with all required nugget packages. Finally, we told participants that they would need VS and Microsoft SQL Server Express installed.

We didn't anticipate only one things i.e. problems with Microsoft SQL Server Express. It's our mistake that at home we tested a sample project but with Microsoft SQL Serve Developer Edition. It turned out that the express edition requires additional actions like changing firewall rules or changing configuration in SQL Server Configuration Manager. We tried to do that but finally we give up in order not to waste too much time.

Live coding

Instead we made a live coding. I was sitting in front of the computer and programming. In the meantime Rafał was explaining details, answering questions etc. On the one hand I have to say sorry that it looked in this way. On the other hand I'm really happy that this unplanned live coding session went so well!

Final thoughts

In the summary I have to say that the next year I will do my best to take part in Programistok again.  The conference was so good that after coming back to Warsaw I decided to call organizers and and tell them this directly. Eliza Kasperuk, Adam Piotrowski, Dawid Kozak and others (that I didn't meet or I didn't remember by name) - Thanks for Programistok!

*The picture at the beginning of the post comes from organizers of Programistok and was taken during "Recipe for DDD, BDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing" workshops.


After .NET Developer Days 2018


Another .NET Developer Days behind me. This time it was something new for me because I was a speaker. I gave my presentation "Will AI replace developers" on the second day of the conference at 15:00. On the one hand, it was quite late and I was a little bit afraid about number of listeners. On the another hand, it was a chance to be well remembered because in general we remember better what was at the beginning and at the end. So how was it?

I think that there ware around 50 people on my presentation. I haven't received surveys' results yet (I will share when I get them) so I cannot be sure but I'm quite happy with my speech. First of all, I thought that I would be much more nervous but the preparations and some experience did their job and it was not a problem. I didn't forget about saying anything and the live demo went well. Besides I was speaking fluently and even my jokes seemed to be funny ;). Here you can listen the interview with my that was recorded just after the presentation by Grzegorz Kotfis.

Of course there are things to improve. I planned my presentation for 50 minutes + 10 minutes for questions. Apparently I was speaking too fast so I finished after 45 minutes. Unfortunately, there were no questions but on the other hand I talked with a few people just after the presentation. Next time, having 60 minutes for the presentation, I would prepare materials for at least 60 minutes :)

Now a few words about the conference and the organisation. On 17th, I was invited for the speaker dinner. I had an occasion to meet other speakers, the food (and not only) was superb... A big plus for organizers. The conference as usual took place in EXPO XXI so there was no surprise here. Of course organizers didn't forget about dedicated room for speakers. Dinner, snacks, soft drinks were also on the high level. As to presentations I'm extremely happy that quite a few were about machine learning. I hope that this trend will continue.

I will not write a lot about presentations because honestly speaking I was mainly focused on my own one ;) However, I especially well remember presentation given by Konrad Kokosa about "DOD, ECS and Other Not So Obvious Techniques in .NET Ecosystem". I was already convinced but he convinced me even more to buy his book Pro .NET Memory Management For Better Code, Performance, and Scalability. It was also nice to hear from Peter Drougge that Microsoft is going to develop ML.NET library and provide .NET Developers with more and more models. A little pitty that his presentation was quite short. Noelle LaCharite gave interesting presentations about Microsoft Cognitive Service but they could be more technical. I also liked the presentation from Daniel Marbach about async/await. I refreshed my knowledge.

There are a few things that can be improved. Unfortunately there were some technical problems like not working projector or problems with sound... It also seems to me that the idea of Ask the expert zone didn't work well - I didn't see many people talking with experts. Queues for dinner are so normal on big conferences that probably it's not worth mentioning. However, one day I had a problem to eat dinner because containers (or whatever we call it) with food were empty and the staff didn't do anything about that.

To sum up, I think that it was a good conference both for participants and for speakers. However, I have the impression that it's becoming too big and the organizers are facing a very big challenge.


I will give a talk at .NET Developer Days 2018!


.NET Developer Days is one of the biggest conference in Eastern and Central Europe. I took part in the first and in the second edition and when the third edition was coming I decided to try to send my proposal in the response to the Call of Paper. And you know what? My proposal was accepted! My first thought after receiving this information was "Oh my gosh, now I have to prepare the presentation and give a talk in a front of XXX people!" ;) Fortunately, the second was "Michał, If you take the first step, you have to take the second".

My presentation will be about future of us - developers. I'll try to answer the question "Will AI replace developers?". Not so far ago I would say that it is impossible. However, technology is moving forward very fast and almost every day I find some new publications about attempts to automate software development. During my presentation I'll talk about a few extremely interesting solutions but not only. I'll also try to show some of them.

So if you work in IT and you are curious if human being will be replaced by AIs in near future or simply you are interested in contemporary AIs, then my presentation is for you.

I really hope that we will meet during the conference. The location is, as usual, the building of Expo XXI. For now, there are 30 speakers in agenda so I'm sure that you will find something interesting for yourself. The sooner you register the less you pay so do not wait too long.


CareerCon 2018 - The best mix in history - DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing and others


For years I was designing and developing "classical" applications. Then I entered the new world of DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing... and it was an extremely refreshing experience. It wasn't easy all the time but I do not regret and I decided to share my experiences.

On 24th March I gave a presentation under the title "The best mix in the history - DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing and others?" at CareerCon 2018 conference. I tried to show benefits but also drawbacks of using DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing.

I'm glad with this presentation. It took as much time as I assumed and there were really many questions at the end. Majority of them were about Event Sourcing. It looks like a very hot topic nowadays.

The results of the surveys also confirm that the presentation was well received :) Thanks, it really motivates me.

If you are interested in DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing and you would like to hear about that at another conference or in your company, do not hesitate to ask me.

And here you can find the presenation:

*The picture at the beginning of the post comes was provided by organizers of the conference.


.NET Developer Days 2017 - Grand finale


It's time to make the summary of .NET Developer Days 2017. Let's start with the organisation aspects. Here I'll shortly say it was simply good and I cannot complain. The good example showing that organisers really try to make everything ok is a fact that a friend of mine was able to register for the conference just one day before the event (what theoretically was not possible). Now let's move to the presentations. Here I have much more to write.


How did my presentation go?


Two weeks ago I gave the presentation about artificial intelligences that write programs. Now, I got results of the survey conducted after the presentation and I decided to share some data with you. Below you can see the summary. The participants could judge me in 4 categories and 14 of them decided to do that. (Thank you!). I think that there were around 30+ people in total in the room.


CareerCon Warsaw 2017 - AI that can program



On next Saturday (30-09), I'll give a presentation under the title "Can artificial intelligence program?" at CareerCon conference. I'll tell about existing solution, their abilities and limitations. At the end I'll try to answer the question if developers needs to worry and predict what we can expect in the future. If you have time I'll be glad to see you! The presentation will be in Polish. Here are the links:

*The picture at the beginning of the post was created by Stephen Bowler from wakefield, United Kingdom (terminator) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons.


.NET Developer Days 2017 - fresh information


*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored text.

Not so far ago I wrote that this year’s edition of .NET DeveloperDays is coming. Now, we finally know the full agenda and there are really many things to choose from.


.NET Developer Days 2017


In the post .NET Developer Days 2016 - Grand finale I wrote that it hadn't been my last my last .NET Developer Days conference. Recently, I've been asked again to become a media partner of this year's edition so I agreed without much hesitation. Disclaimer: It also means that it is a sponsored text.

The well known aphorism says that perfect is the enemy of good. The organizers of the conference must have heard that because the form of the current edition will be similar to the previous one i.e.:
  • What: 3 tracks with session about different topics and of different difficulties.
  • Where: EXPO XXI Exhibition Center – Warsaw, Prądzyńskiego 12/14
  • When: 18th-20th October 2017. 18th October is reserved for full-day training sessions (so called pre-conf) and the actual conference will start on 19th October.
  • Language: 100% English
The agenda has not been published yet and we have to wait until June. However, the last time the range of topics was wide and I didn't have any problem to find something interesting from my perspective. I keep my fingers crossed this year will not be worse. What is very important the earlier you buy tickets the less you will pay. If you are interested do not think too much. The current price for the conference without pre-conf is 275€. In June 325€ it will be and in August 375€.


.NET Developer Days 2016 - Grand finale


The time has come to summary .NET Developer Days 2016. I think that each conference can be judged based on 3 main factors: organisation, presentations, networking so I'll write a few words about each of these topics.


.NET Developer Days 2016 - Workshops


In my previous post about .NET Developer Days 2016 I wrote generally about the conference and about presentations I'd like to see. This time I want to drop a few lines about pre-conference workshops (sessions). They will take place just a day before the actual conference (GoldenFloor, Millenium Plaza – Warsaw, Al. Jerozolimskie 123 a) and you could choose from:
The links above will lead you to the description of each session. However, I have a surprise for you. I contacted with experts who will conduct workshops and asked them a few questions. Here are additional information that I got. You'll not find them anywhere else.


.NET Developer Days 2016 are coming


.NET Developer Days 2016 is a third edition of the biggest conference in Central and Eastern Europe dedicated to the .NET platform. I didn't participate in previous editions but this time I'll be. Why? Well, I read a few quite good reviews of a former editions. Besides, recently a friend of mine told me that he was going to go there what is also a good recomendation.

To make things funny, when I was about to buy tickets organizers of the conference asked me to write about it. So yes it is a sponsored text but I wouldn't write it if didn't want to go there anyway. Let's start with a few facts about .NET Developer Days 2016:
  • What: 3 tracks with 24 presentations.
  • Where: 
    • Conference: EXPO XXI Exhibition Center – Warsaw, Prądzyńskiego 12/14
    • Workshops: GoldenFloor, Millenium Plaza – Warsaw, Al. Jerozolimskie 123 a
  • When: 19th-21th October 2016. The workshops will take place on October 19th, and the conference will start one day later. Organizers also plan a party at the end of day one. I think that it'll be a good occasion for networking.
  • Language: 100% English
I'm still thinking which presentations to choose but I have a few solid candidates. I remember Jon Skeet from Dev Day conference. He gave a really good presentation so it is my number one. This time he will start the conference and then will talk about Abusing C# and Immutability. I also saw a few presentations delivered by Tomasz Kopacz in the past. As far as I remember he was always a mine of information. His presentations were advanced and demanding but you could learn a lot from them.

I also heard a lot of good about Maciej Aniserowicz so his presentation about CQRS is also on my list. I don't know other speakers but there are many other promising topics to choose from. For example, I'd like to listen Alex Mang who will talk about containers or Adam Granicz who will give a presentation about funcional programming or ... Actually, I already see some potenial conflicts in my personal agenda so as you can see the choice is not easy. I encorage you to see the full agenda on the conference site. If you want to buy a ticket do it sooner than later because the price goes up every 2 months.

See you there!


Sandbox Database Manager


My colleague Tomasz Moska published very nice tool that makes management of development MSSQL sandbox databases very easy. It is called Sandbox Database Manager and you can download it here or from GitHub.

Why is it worth recommending? Try to imagine yourself situation like this. A tester found a bug in the application. In order to reproduce it you need a copy of his database from a system test environment. With Sandbox Database Manager you can make a copy of this database and restore it on a selected server with just a few clicks. Another click or two and you have a snapshot created. Thanks to that you are be able to revert the database to its original state at any time. Now let's assume that this database contains hundreds of tables and you don't know all of them. To investigate a problem you want to run an application and see which tables (probably dozens of them) will be updated and how. Sandbox Database Manager also supports this scenario because it'll allow you to track data changes at the column level.

These are only a few features of Sandbox Database Manager. It can do much more, for example to run the same query against many databases or compare data between two databases. I can guarantee that Sandbox Database Manager is a really, really helpful tool because I use it in my day to day work. I recommend it without any hesitation. What is the best you can use it completely for free!


Careercon Warszawa 2015 - surveys


I'd like to share with you the results of 2 surveys regarding my last presentation. The first one was prepared by organizers of the conference. The second one was created by me on SurveyMonkey portal. I placed a link to it on each slide in the lower  left corner. It was visible through the whole presentation so anyone with a smartphone could have filled it. The survey was short and consisted of 3 obligatory and 2 voluntary questions.

Let's start with the official survey of the conference. According to it there were ~50 people on my presentation. ~30 said that it was very good, ~18 that it was good and ~2 that it was week. In average it gives 4,56. These are very good results for me, thanks!

My survey looked in the following way:
  • Question 1 - What is your overall assessment of my presentation on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 - the highest evaluation)?
  • Question 2 - How do you assess the substantive content of my presentation on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 - the highest evaluation)?
  • Question 3 - How would you rate my way of presenting on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 - the highest evaluation)?
  • Question 4 - Name one thing that you remember from my presentation.
  • Question 5 - This is the place for all sorts of comments, applications and complaints. Each comment will be valuable for me.
I received 8 answers for these questions. Much less than for the previous survey but all the answers were extremely valuable to me. Thanks! Here are details:

Question 11434,25
Question 2444,50
Question 3354,63

I also received a couple of comments that will allow me to be a better speaker in the future:
  • The demo should have been a little bit longer.
  • The sample code used during a demo could be more complex.
  • I should have used a microphone.
  • I should have spoken slower.
  • Not all terms used by me were understandable for a layman.
It was nice to read that my presentation was useful and that I showed interesting tools.

As a summary I have to say that these results are a boost of energy for me and an encouragement to be a speaker more often.


Careercon Warszawa 2015 - already after the presentation


A couple of hours ago I returned from the conference Carrercon Warszawa 2015 where I had a presentation about historical debuggers. I'm generally happy with my speech. There were dozens of people in the room. I didn't forget to tell about anything important, I wasn't stressed too much and my presentation took as much time as I planned. As always I see a room for improvement but it was a good decision to take part in the conference as a speaker.

In the next post I want to write much more about Careercon Warszawa 2015 and my presentation. Now, I'd like to ask everybody who attended my presentation and who are reading this post for one thing. The thing which is very important to me. I'll be happy if you fill the following short survey:

Click to start a survey

Any feedback will be extremely valuable for me.


CareerCon Warszawa 2015


On Saturday (27-06) I'll have a presentation about historical debuggers at the conference "CareerCon Warszawa". I'll tell what they are and why you should use them. I'll also explain how IntelliTrace historical debugger for .NET works under the hood. If you have time I'll be glad to see you! The presentation will be in Polish.

Conference site

For now that's all. After the conference you can expect a post about how it looked like.