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In my previous post about .NET Developer Days 2016 I wrote generally about the conference and about presentations I'd like to see. This time I want to drop a few lines about pre-conference workshops (sessions). They will take place just a day before the actual conference (GoldenFloor, Millenium Plaza – Warsaw, Al. Jerozolimskie 123 a) and you could choose from:
The links above will lead you to the description of each session. However, I have a surprise for you. I contacted with experts who will conduct workshops and asked them a few questions. Here are additional information that I got. You'll not find them anywhere else.

Dino Esposito - Modern Web Development with the ASP.NET MVC Stack

The estimated level is 200. Participants should be web developers with some experience on ASP.NET. Dino plans no slides! All the code will be explained on screen and as it runs. If you want to prepare yourself a little bit you can look through this book but it is not obligatory. During the workshop you will work mostly with Windows though in-depth knowledge is not required. You will focus on business level aspects. Besides you will have an opportunity to get familiar with web.wurfl.io. Dino will also talk about CQRS and Event Sourcing.
Ted Neward - Busy .NET Developer’s Workshops on the CLR


Adam Granicz - Functional Programming on .NET with F# – Become a Programming Jedi Now!

Adam wants to start with an overview of F# and functional programming though he sets the level at 300. It means that some past experience and an interest in functional programming is appreciated. It is also recommended to prepare yourself a little bit before the workshop. For instance you can use the resources available on fsharp.org or read one of many F# books (e.g. Expert F# 4.0 co-authored by Adam).

You should consider bringing your own laptops because Adam will concentrate on exercises. Firstly, he will show several examples. Thanks to that you'll get familiar with basics such as pattern matching... and with more advanced features such as active patterns, units of measure... The second part of the workshop will focus on real-life scenarios. This includes working with F# projects, accessing data sources, microservices, reactive web development and many other. You will mainly use Visual Studio but also WebSharper, besides Adam will discuss main capabilities and features of CloudSharper.

To sum up. The main goal of Adam is to show you that F# is at least as good as C#. To do so he'll focus on removing any roadblocks you may have when using F#. To be honest, I was quite surprised (well I'm C# developer) when I read that according to Adam, in many cases, F# beats C# in areas like maintenance level, productivity, succinctness, easy of use... Sounds promising to me!

Daniel Fisher - Resilience and cloud patterns TOGO: build useful stuff in JS and C#

Daniel sees the level of his workshop between 200 and 300 and he plans to have about 50% exercises. You should have "some" experience in the field but no specific knowledge is required. As to the technologies you will probably work with WebAPI and Angular. The workshop are among others about improving reliability of Web Applications. Daniel says that you will not only hear about reliability patterns but first of all learn how to use them.


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