.NET Developer Days 2017 - Grand finale


It's time to make the summary of .NET Developer Days 2017. Let's start with the organisation aspects. Here I'll shortly say it was simply good and I cannot complain. The good example showing that organisers really try to make everything ok is a fact that a friend of mine was able to register for the conference just one day before the event (what theoretically was not possible). Now let's move to the presentations. Here I have much more to write.
  • Gill Cleeren - Building your first real-world Android app using Xamarin in just 60 minutes (300) - The presentation was given in a good way. However, for me it was too basic. I'd say that it was not level 300 but 200 maybe less.
  • Eran Stiller - Bot-Tender: A .NET Chatbot Walks into a Bar (200) - I've never done anything with Microsoft Bot Framework so I learned a lot during this presentation. The most interesting part was at the end when Eran talked about integration of Bot Framework with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services. Personnaly, I would like to here much more about that.
  • Maciej Misztal - Setting up a CI/CD pipeline for a Containerized Project in VSTS (200) - With this presentation I have a problem. On the one hand Maciek have very big knowledge and the presentation was well spoken. I can only suggest that Maciej should have looked less at the slides. On the other hand, honestly it wasn't easy to follow Maciej. This presentation was not level 200. Rather 400 or more.
  • Sasha Goldshtein - Debugging and Profiling .NET Core Apps on Linux (300) - This presentation was the mine of information about various tools that can be used to debug and profile .Net Core application on Linux. The conclusion is that .NET Core works but tooling is far from being ready.
  • Alon Fliess - Software Architecture That Every Developer Should Know (300) - For me the good revision of knowledge about the architecture + a few new things.
  • Jeff Burtoft - Building for the Future without Abandoning the Past (200) - Interesting, light presentation good at the end of the day. Good to relax.
  • Question & Answer Session - I didn't know what to expect from the session but it turned out to be nice. All the speakers seating with beers at the stage and talking ;)
  • Szymon Kulec - Performance that pays off (300) - I remember especially one thing from the presentation i.e. think about performance from the very beginning. I also learned about a few super fast JSON serializers.
  • Neal Ford - Building Evolutionary Architectures (300) - Very interesting presentation. We all know the idea behind unit tests. Neal introduced the similar concept but in order to test the entire architecture of the system and non-functional requirements. For example: are legal requirements fulfilled, is the cohesion of methods high enough etc.
  • Sebastian Solnica - Securing .NET applications in Azure (300) - Some basics, some advanced things. The good revision of knowledge from the security.
In general the level of presentations was good. Maybe they didn't change my life ;) but I also didn't waste my time. Nonetheless, presentations are not the most important part of the conference. The most important was networking, to meet old friends or what I like the most possibility to talk about completely new things. For example, I learned something about industrial food scanners.

*The picture at the beginning of the post comes from own resources and shows the official flag of the conference


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