Sandbox Database Manager


My colleague Tomasz Moska published very nice tool that makes management of development MSSQL sandbox databases very easy. It is called Sandbox Database Manager and you can download it here or from GitHub.

Why is it worth recommending? Try to imagine yourself situation like this. A tester found a bug in the application. In order to reproduce it you need a copy of his database from a system test environment. With Sandbox Database Manager you can make a copy of this database and restore it on a selected server with just a few clicks. Another click or two and you have a snapshot created. Thanks to that you are be able to revert the database to its original state at any time. Now let's assume that this database contains hundreds of tables and you don't know all of them. To investigate a problem you want to run an application and see which tables (probably dozens of them) will be updated and how. Sandbox Database Manager also supports this scenario because it'll allow you to track data changes at the column level.

These are only a few features of Sandbox Database Manager. It can do much more, for example to run the same query against many databases or compare data between two databases. I can guarantee that Sandbox Database Manager is a really, really helpful tool because I use it in my day to day work. I recommend it without any hesitation. What is the best you can use it completely for free!


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