I will give a talk at .NET Developer Days 2018!


.NET Developer Days is one of the biggest conference in Eastern and Central Europe. I took part in the first and in the second edition and when the third edition was coming I decided to try to send my proposal in the response to the Call of Paper. And you know what? My proposal was accepted! My first thought after receiving this information was "Oh my gosh, now I have to prepare the presentation and give a talk in a front of XXX people!" ;) Fortunately, the second was "Michał, If you take the first step, you have to take the second".

My presentation will be about future of us - developers. I'll try to answer the question "Will AI replace developers?". Not so far ago I would say that it is impossible. However, technology is moving forward very fast and almost every day I find some new publications about attempts to automate software development. During my presentation I'll talk about a few extremely interesting solutions but not only. I'll also try to show some of them.

So if you work in IT and you are curious if human being will be replaced by AIs in near future or simply you are interested in contemporary AIs, then my presentation is for you.

I really hope that we will meet during the conference. The location is, as usual, the building of Expo XXI. For now, there are 30 speakers in agenda so I'm sure that you will find something interesting for yourself. The sooner you register the less you pay so do not wait too long.


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