Migration to Nuget V3


Source: own resources, Authors: Agnieszka and Michał Komorowscy

Sometime ago I wrote a post about My struggels with GitHub, Subtrees and Nuget and Joseph suggested me another solution of my problem in the comments i.e. to switch to Nuget V3. A few days ago I finally found time to give it a try. I started by reading this tutorial/post written by Oren Novotny. It's really a good source of knowledge so I'll not describe the whole process again. However, I encountered 3 problems that weren't described and I'll briefly write about them.

Project.json vs Project.config

A new Nuget uses project.json file instead of the old project.config so I started with adding this new file to all projects. Then I moved packages from the old files to the new ones. In the next step I reloaded all the projects just to be sure that VS will see changes. After that I built the solution to see if it works and it worked. Finally, I made a commit and pushed my changes. And here comes a problem. In a few minutes I got an e-mail from my Azure (hosted) build controller that a build has just failed.

§ Error: C:\a\_tasks\NuGetInstaller_333b11bd-d341-40d9-afcf-b32d5ce6f23b\0.2.24\node_modules\nuget-task-common\NuGet\3.3.0\NuGet.exe failed with return code: 1
§ Packages failed to install

The source of a problem was apparently a conflict between project.config and project.json so I just removed the former from the projects.

Naming problem

It is not everything. The next problem looked in the following way:

Failed to resolve conflicts for .NETFramework,Version=v4.6 (win).
Unable to satisfy conflicting requests for 'MVVMLight': project/MVVMLight (>= 1.0.0) (via project/MVVMLight 1.0.0)
Unable to satisfy conflicting requests for 'CommonServiceLocator': CommonServiceLocator (>= 1.3.0) (via project/MVVMLight 1.0.0)
Unable to satisfy conflicting requests for 'MvvmLight': MvvmLight (>= 5.1.1) (via project/MVVMLight 1.0.0)...

This time the fix was also easy. Nuget V3 doesn't like if the projects in the solution have exactly the same names as packages! In my solution I had MVVMLight project which is my playground for MVVMLight package. I renamed in to MVVMLightTest.

Last but not the least

After migration to Nuget V3 I had to deal with one more problem and again I didn't observe it locally but only when building on Azure (hosted) build controller. In the build log I found the following error:

The OutputPath property is not set for project 'LanguageTrainer.csproj'. Please check to make sure that you have specified a valid combination of Configuration and Platform for this project. Configuration='Debug' Platform='x86'.

And it turned out that in some csproj files I had the following condition:

<Platform Condition=" '$(Platform)' == '' ">x86</Platform>

It says that if the platform is not specified for a given build then use x86. At the same time these csproj didn't contain configuration, including the problematic OutputPath, for x86. To fix a problem I simply changed x86 to AnyCPU.


Życzenia Świąteczne / Merry Christmas 2016


Source: own resources, Authors: Agnieszka and Michał Komorowscy

Kolejny rok minął jak z bicza strzelił. Dużo się w nim działo, a w 2016 przynajmniej u mnie będzie się działo jeszcze więcej i z pewnością będzie ciekawie. Zanim to jednak nastąpi czekają nas Święta Bożego Narodzenia, czas odpoczynku, spotkań w rodzinnym gronie... i z tej okazji życzę Wam i Waszym bliskim wszystkiego dobrego.

Wszystkiego dobrego,
Michał Komorowski


Another year passed like a whip shot. Much has happened in 2015 but even more is going to happen in 2016, at least in my case;) But it is still the future and now Christmas is right around the corner. It is a time of rest, meetings with the family... and on this occasion I wish You and Your relatives all the best.

Best wishes,
Michał Komorowski


Murphy's law in practice


The photo comes from MSI website

You must have heard about Murphy's law saying that Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. We can also add ...at the least expected moment or ...at the worst possible time. Some time ago I had quite a busy evening i.e. I had to write some urgent e-mails etc. Everything was ok until suddenly my computer (MSI GE60 2OE, Windows 10) went crazy.


Did you know that about HTTP?


Titile: Chapel of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok, Source: own resources, Authors: Agnieszka and Michał Komorowscy

Recently, when answering a question on stackoverflow.com, I've learned an interesting thing about HTTP protocol. Actually currently it seems to be obvious to me ;) What I'm talking about? Well, initially I thought that if you send GET HTTP request in order to download a specific URL, then in a response you will get an entire page/file. In other words I thought that it's not possible to read the specific part of a page/file. However, it turned out that it's quite easy.


You will love it


A screenshot comes from ShareLaTeX web site

Sometime ago I wrote that I was amazed when I found out that Nuget supports C++. Today, I was amazed even more, when I discovered ShareLaTeX web site. This site is simply great and I don't know how I've been living without it for such a long time.