How did my presentation go?


Two weeks ago I gave the presentation about artificial intelligences that write programs. Now, I got results of the survey conducted after the presentation and I decided to share some data with you. Below you can see the summary. The participants could judge me in 4 categories and 14 of them decided to do that. (Thank you!). I think that there were around 30+ people in total in the room.

Grade 1 is the lowest level and Grade 5 the highest level. I got mainly 4 and 5 so it's good :) There were also some questions after the presentation, so I was able to engage listeners. I was especially pleased to hear from not a programmer that the presentation was very interesting.

What could be improve? First and foremost, I think that I was speaking a little bit too fast so I finished earlier. Thankfully I has some rescue slides so it was not a big problem. I also got a comment that my presentation was too theoretical. Well, this is true, but my main goal was to provide a general overview. Nonetheless, it may be true that even 1 or 2 practical examples will make the presentation better.

*The picture at the beginning of the post comes was provided by organizers of the conference.


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