.NET Developer Days 2017


In the post .NET Developer Days 2016 - Grand finale I wrote that it hadn't been my last my last .NET Developer Days conference. Recently, I've been asked again to become a media partner of this year's edition so I agreed without much hesitation. Disclaimer: It also means that it is a sponsored text.

The well known aphorism says that perfect is the enemy of good. The organizers of the conference must have heard that because the form of the current edition will be similar to the previous one i.e.:
  • What: 3 tracks with session about different topics and of different difficulties.
  • Where: EXPO XXI Exhibition Center – Warsaw, Prądzyńskiego 12/14
  • When: 18th-20th October 2017. 18th October is reserved for full-day training sessions (so called pre-conf) and the actual conference will start on 19th October.
  • Language: 100% English
The agenda has not been published yet and we have to wait until June. However, the last time the range of topics was wide and I didn't have any problem to find something interesting from my perspective. I keep my fingers crossed this year will not be worse. What is very important the earlier you buy tickets the less you will pay. If you are interested do not think too much. The current price for the conference without pre-conf is 275€. In June 325€ it will be and in August 375€.


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