Interview Questions for Programmers by MK #4


Question #4
You have to implement a very fast, time critical, network communication between nodes of a distributed system. You decided to use good old sockets. However, you haven't decided yet whether to use TCP or UDP protocol. Which one would you choose and why?

Answer #4
If a speed is the only one important factor, I'd choose UDP. UDP is faster than TCP because it has a smaller overhead. In comparison to TCP it is a connection-less, unreliable protocol that doesn't provide features like retransmission, acknowledgment or ordering of messages.

However, it also means that usage of UDP might be more difficult and will require additional coding in some cases. For example, if we have to assure that sent messages have been delivered. In this case, I'd certainly use TCP.

Finally, there is one more thing in favor of UDP. It provides broadcasting and multicasting. So, if it is required I'd also use UDP instead of TCP.


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