Konferencja wewnątrz-firmowa 2


Ostatnio napisałem o zorganizowanej przez siebie konferencji wewnątrz-firmowej. Teraz należy napisać o czym można było posłuchać. Oto lista 12 przygotowanych prezentacji, wszystkie moim zdaniem stały na wysokim poziomie. O jakości prezentacji niech świadczą bardzo dobre wyniki ankiet. Średnia ocena to 8.3 w skali od 1 do 10!

Albert Skłodowski - F# as a functional language for the .NET platform

An introduction to functional programming in .NET using F# language. Write simple code to solve complex problems!

Damiarz Orzechowski - Is C++ dead? What was added into C++ x11 standard in comparison to C# and .NET features

Summary of history behind latest C++ standard. Presentation of highlights of latest standard and comparison of features between C++ and C#/.NET.

Daniel Celeda - Software Project Survival Guide

Quick induction to the main factors of a successful software project.“Software projects succeed or fail based on how carefully they are planned and how deliberately they are executed. The vast majority of software projects can be run in a deterministic way that virtually assures success. If a project’s stakeholders understand the major issues that determine project success, they can ensure that their project reaches a successful conclusion.”

Kamil Langowski - Paradoxes and idiosyncrasies of probability

Simple math problems that are outstandingly controversial, but are nonetheless facts.

Marcin Wierzbicki - Financial instruments for dummies

The talk covers basic subjects from financial engineering field, starting with present value, fixed income securities, bond pricing, immunization and arbitrage, and finishing... after 1 hour :)

Marek Ryński - An introduction to the basics of Web Application Security - theoretical lecture

A review of available mechanisms used to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of information in Web Applications. The talk will cover different approaches to authentication, highlighting strong and weak solutions. A few words will be said about smart cards and biometrics. Hacking, injection attacks and social engineering are only buzz words to attract your attention on this abstract, but none of these things will be discussed.

Michał Komorowski - RavenDB as an example of document oriented databases. A history of application in my pet project.

NoSQL databases are a relatively new idea which is becoming more and more popular. In this presentation, I’ll focus on document oriented databases. I’ll discuss the topic on the example of RavenDB and my pet project LanguageTrainer which supports learning foreign languages.

Michał Rzeszutko - Dependency Injection patterns and best practices

An introduction to the subject of DI. The talk covers basic subjects - what it is DI and what are the benefits of using it, as well as the more advanced ones – how to use it properly (patterns) and what to avoid (anti-patterns).

Mikołaj Barwicki - Do IT the Toyota Way?

Toyota is an enterprise built on unique philosophy focused on manufacturing and process quality that is summarized in a set of statements referred to as “Toyota Way”. Is this what made Toyota the world’s largest car manufacturer? Are these statements applicable to software development organizations?

Paweł Kupis - Aspect-oriented programming on the example of PostSharp.

Short introduction to aspect-oriented programming concept, fast review of .NET aspect frameworks and PostSharp in action.

Przemek Wasylko - Command-query responsibility segregation: can we successfully separate read from write parts of the system?

Exploration of design pattern where different (often in a radical way) model and approach is used to update information than model used to read information. I will try to show how this affects system architecture and user interface experience. But does it really make engineer’s life easier? And software less prone to errors?

Tomasz Moska - Configuring SQL Server Instance for optimal performance

The talk will cover some good practices regarding configuration of SQL Server instance.


Unknown said...

Tematy jak na profesjonalnie organizowanej konferencji! Czy te tematy mają bezpośredni związek z pracą?

Michał Komorowski said...

Dziękuję za miłe słowa! Jeśli chodzi o związek z pracą to każdy mógł mówić o tym co chciał i w większości przypadków koledzy mówili o swoich prywatnych zainteresowaniach. Na przykład, moja prezentacja o RavenDB nie miała bezpośredniego związku z moimi obowiązkami zawodowymi.

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